G. H. Gillespie Associates, Inc.

G. H. Gillespie Associates, Inc. (GHGA) conducts research and development devoted toward improving the understanding and utilization of complex scientific technologies with applications to education, energy, medicine and defense. The Company's principal office is located in San Diego, California.

GHGA began operations as a sole proprietorship in 1988 and following two years of successful growth the Company was incorporated in the State of California in 1990. From 1988-1993 the primary business line involved conducting assessment studies and performing other technical analyses on a variety of practical applications of particle accelerators for U. S. Government agencies and their prime contractors. An extensive software capability was developed within the firm as a part of those activities. In 1992, the Company began marketing a line of scientific software for use at university, industrial and government laboratories. The success of that product line resulted in the award of several contracts for the development of custom scientific and educational software applications. Since 1994 GHGA has concentrated on the development of custom and prepackaged software, with innovative graphic user interfaces and data visualization tools for scientific and educational programs becoming the Company's signature business line. AccelSoft Inc. was formed in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary to publish, market and distribute the growing line of prepackaged software products.

GHGA and AccelSoft have a core team of physicists and software engineers with a broad background in accelerator science and modern software technology. Personnel have established relationships with many scientists at accelerator laboratories and elsewhere that aid in maintaining our leading edge in accelerator technology. Our expertise has been applied to the design of accelerator components, beamlines, and systems for both national and international customers, while continuing to provide state-of-the-art accelerator and particle optics software to our customers for a variety of applications.

Accelerator beamline design made easier.

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